Skip the First Amendment
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Skip the First Amendment

Skip the First Amendment
by Marlowe J. Churchill

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Reporter Skip Easley, known more for his office sexual escapades than his writing prowess, is not exactly thrilled when he receives his next assignment -- reporting the murder of a topless dancer in Tacoma, Washington. To Easley, the life of a topless dancer on the sordid dance circuit is a feature story that's already been written a dozen times over.

When another dancer's information suggests that there's gang involvement in the entertainment industry, Easley doesn't take it seriously. For this and various other reasons, he's fired at the newspaper. But the story follows him to Riverside, California, where he has been lucky enough to land another newspaper reporting job. A beautiful topless dancer, Janelle Jones, goes to the U.S. attorney and divulges important information about the murder of the dancer and drug smuggling involving topless dancers as couriers.

Janelle asks for Easley's help when the investigation bogs down, and this time he doesn't think twice. It could be the opportunity he needs to write the big story to salvage his career. Skip Easley follows the story that almost costs him his life.